New Indykpol Packaging Hits The Stores


The store shelves now hold Indykpol’s products in new packaging. These products include: Parówki Jedynki, Jedyneczki, Parówki z indyka, Pasztet dworski or the Samo dobro meats.

Eventually, all packaging materials will utilize the new, modern graphics that are not only consistent with the brand strategy but also meet the needs of our customers. The transition process was split into a number of stages that share the same basic assumptions:

  • modern and consistent character of the packaging,
  • lively, joyful colors to convey the key values of the brand: optimism and joy,
  • extraordinary, eye-catching typography,
  • unique graphical elements to emphasize the great quality

If you have any thoughts about the new graphical identity of our packaging materials, please contact:

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