Indykpol Group


The Indykpol Capital Group is the largest Polish organization of poultry companies, specializing in breeding and fattening of turkeys as well as in production and sale of turkey meat and turkey meat products.

The main objective, which resulted in establishing of the Capital Group, was to gain market advantage by ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. The Group strives to provide its clients with the widest possible portfolio of high-quality, branded turkey products. The goods produced by the Capital Group are offered through a coherent group of trade brands, using a unified distribution network. The Group controls 3 distribution centers that provide a uniform cover for the whole territory of Poland and enable supplying the entire product portfolio to all sale regions. The shared distribution system and product offer enables concentration and specialization of production that starts at the species level and includes production of both meat and meat products. All the activities related to creation of the product offer, advertising and promotion of both the brands and the individual products are realized by a single marketing department.

Indykpol S.A. With Its Headquarters In Olsztyn

One of the main pillars of the Group is the Indykpol S.A. company which, as the strategic investor, holds significant blocks of shares of the remaining companies. Indykpol integrates and coordinates cooperation between individual companies and plants that constitute the Group. Thanks to over 30 years of experience in poultry breeding and processing technology, the Company is among the top leaders of the industry. It is also the largest producer of Turkey meat products in Poland. Indykpol offers its products all over Poland, through its nation-wide distribution network, and is also a renowned exporter of poultry meat and poultry meat products. Expert knowledge of the Company in the fields of: production, management and marketing strategy is used to develop the Capital Group.

The plant in Olsztyn performs slaughter and cutting of turkeys as well as produces poultry meat products - mostly of turkey meat. Its facilities include, for example, a hog-dog sausages flow production line commissioned a few years ago.  The immensely popular “Jedynki” hot-dog sausages are produced in Olsztyn.

Frednowy OHI Branch

Indykpol owns the Turkey Breeding Center (OHI) in Frednowy, near the city of Iława, which is among the largest national producer of turkey poults, which are hatched from eggs acquired from our parent flocks. Until Jun 1, 2015 the Center was a separate business entity - a “spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością” (Polish Limited Liability Company). OHI maintains its own supply system with 6 physically separated farm complexes, where the poults of the parent flocks are reared and 6 adult parent flock sectors are maintained. Physical separation of different sectors ensures proper veterinary and zootechnical conditions and enables maintaining parent flocks of different ages. This translates into continuous production of turkey chicks through the whole year and into high quality of birds produced. The Company produces about 8 million poults annually. Own parent flocks and breeding material from the world’s best farms, coupled with strict sanitary and veterinary standards, results in what we require, i.e. healthy and strong poults, offered at competitive prices.

Nutripol Sp. z o.o. With Its Headquarters In Olsztynek

A part of the Indykpol Capital Group since March 30, 2011. Indykpol S.A. is the only shareholder of the Company. The acquisition of the feed mill was one of the stages in creation of a vertically-integrated Indykpol Capital Group. Vertical integration is a widely-recognized approach that guarantees the best profitability and full control over the quality and safety of the product at all production stages. The addition of feed production to the business portfolio of the Indykpol Group resulted in increased competitiveness of the Group. The company provides feed to own farms of Indykpol and to contract farmers working with the slaughterhouse in Olsztyn. The main reason for buying the plant was to achieve complete control over acquisition of feed resources and the feed production process. Thus the complete responsibility for the quality and safety of the offered poultry products was obtained Two years ago, the feed mill was modernized and is now capable to produce 200 tons of feed per year. The modernization also ensured higher quality of feed and served as a basis to optimize the production costs. You can learn more at​

"Ozkom" Sp. z o.o. With Its Headquarters In Olsztyn

The Company was established in October 2007. The main shareholder is Indykpol S.A. Since 2011, the Company provides technical services for the poultry plant in Olsztyn.

"Zdrowy Drób" Sp z o.o.

"Zdrowy Drób" Spółka z o.o. based in Olsztyn was established on August 6th, 2018. The sole shareholder of the company is Indykpol S.A. The company's activities include breeding operations, rearing turkey parent flocks, production of hatching eggs and turkey poults, and production of turkey livestock for the needs of the Indykpol S.A. slaughterhouse in Olsztyn.