Who We Are?

We are a modern Polish brand, whose products are based on turkey meat, which is characterized by a number of unique advantages over other meat types (check The Advantages Of Turkey Meat). We are fully responsible for our products, which is achieved by strict control realized at all stages: from feed production to store shelves (from Farm to Fork). Thanks to the above, good nutrition can become an everyday pleasure without causing any fuss. Our products are healthy, tasty and convenient.

Indykpol is a symbol of European Quality in relation to products from turkeys.

Why Indykpol

We believe that good food equals good life. We want the food to be healthy and safe, therefore we take responsibility for the whole value chain: from farm to fork.​

Nutrition should not be based on sacrifices, excessive effort and inconvenience because life without flavor, real experiences and joy is worthless.

We would like to provide you with new possibilities, show that good nutrition can be a positive choice, a choice of what we want and not a forced selection.

  • We know how to connect good nutrition with convenience and joy.
  • We are experts on every-day, healthy cuisine that offers new choices for quality nutrition.
  • We know how to use all the advantages of turkey meat.