Quality From Field to Fork

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We believe that good food equals good life. We want the food to be healthy and safe, therefore we take responsibility for the whole value chain: from farm to fork.​

Own Parent Flocks

Indykpol owns the Turkey Breeding Center (OHI) in Frednowy, which is the largest national producer of turkey poults that are hatched from eggs acquired from our parent flocks.

The Frednowy Turkey Breeding Center is one of the key elements of our vertical integration system. The breeding flocks lay eggs that hatch into turkey chicks that are subsequently reared by our contract farms or are sold on the open market.

The Frednowy Turkey Breeding Center, which is an important part of the Group, provides turkey chicks for our own farms and to poultry farmers that cooperate with the Group. The Center is the largest producer of turkey chicks in Poland and its production is based on hatching eggs from our own breeding flocks. It owns its own farm base with physical separation of breeding chicks and adult flocks which ensures proper veterinary and zootechnical conditions, and allows the Center to simultaneously maintain breeding flocks of different ages. This translates into continuous production of turkey chicks through the whole year and into high quality of birds produced.

The breeding material used by the Center is acquired from the best breeding farms in the world. The breeding and slaughter farms are controlled by specialists from Aviagen Turkeys, with its headquarters in Great Britain and Hybrid Turkeys from Canada, which continuously watch over proper conditions of rearing and the well-being of the animals. The high-quality and biologically strong poults translate into great results in the farms and enjoy exceptionally good opinion among the keepers.

Own Feed Of The Highest Quality

Nutripol, which is one of the parts of the INDYKPOL capital group, produces feed of the highest quality, composed of natural ingredients.

Nutripol produces feed for all the farms within the Indykpol Group. It fully meets the needs of own farms of Indykpol S.A. and the needs of farmers cooperating with the slaughterhouse in Olsztyn.

The clients of Nutripol, no matter the scale of their production, receive fee that is of the highest quality, with the best ingredients and produced using the best technology. The company approaches every order individually and willingly shares its knowledge and many decades of experience with its counterparties. The feeding programs offered to the farmers are always first tested on Indykpol’s own farms.

Nutripol closely cooperates with breeding companies and research institutions. 

Selection of ingredients used in feed production is based on their actual characteristics. This is possible thanks to cooperation with renowned laboratories all over the world and access to state-of-the-art databases which enable assessing the amino acid content of feed ingredients.

The reason for the market success of feed produced by Nutripol is the careful selection of the highest-quality feed materials.

Full Control

The scope of our control and responsibility covers slaughter, cutting, packing and processing of meat.

Every stage if production is continuously controlled. Our plants meet the strict requirements concerning the well-being of the birds as well as the sanitary and hygienic conditions. This ensures trust of our clients, who know that Indykpol’s products are healthy, tasty and safe.

Freshness Under Control

As the production and distribution processes are under round-the-clock control, we can guarantee that the products that you serve on your table are fresh.

We guarantee that Indykpol’s products have been made and packaged under hygienic conditions; that they have arrived at the wholesalers and retail outlets within an unbroken cold chain, to arrive fresh on your table and become a part of your good life.