Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy And Rules Of Use Of

Privacy Policy And Rules Of Use Of


  1. INDYKPOL S.A. with its headquarters at Jesienna 3, 10-370 Olsztyn, Poland, provides the portal free of charge to the users of internet. By using the portal, the users agree to the terms and conditions presented on this webpage. Thereby, please read these rules carefully.
  2. The publisher of the thematic portal is INDYKPOL with its headquarters in Olsztyn at Jesienna 3 (hereinafter INDYKPOL). The below Rules Of Use and Privacy Policy define the functioning of the web portal.
  3. The aim of the web portal is to enable Users: to access information published on; utilize search mechanism for finding content; to create and maintain contacts with other Users; to enable communication between the Users and the INDYKPOL company; to express their opinions; and to enable Users to post their own content on the portal (i.e. texts, photos, videos), etc.


  1. INDYKPOL has created this document, taking into consideration, among others, protection of User’s data; protection of collection, processing and use of information on the Users of the portal and the safety of the data stored. INDYKPOL makes all reasonable efforts to protect data on the Users, maintained in the INDYKPOL’s databases, against damage or destruction and to protect the correspondence against access by third parties. The said data is needed to, among other uses, to determine the preferences of the Users in order to further develop the portal. Our aim is to make the portal increasingly more interesting and better matched to the User’s preferences.
  2. Personal Data is stored and processed within the bounds of the consent expressed by the User and in accordance with provisions of the Act on Personal Data Protection, dated August 29, 1997 (Journal of Laws: Dz. U. 02.101.926 with subsequent changes). Information containing Personal Data and Address Data of the Users is only ever utilized to organize promotional activities and contests as well as to grant discretionary awards in accordance with the utilized point-based system or the promotional activities and promotions organized.


  1. The User’s web browser may save small text files (i.e. “cookies”) on the hard drive of the User. The “cookie files” contain information necessary for proper operation of web portals, especially those functionalities that require authorization.
  2. The cookie files are not used to process or store Personal Data.
  3. Cookies are used to identify the User using a unique User ID which consists of a random string of letters and numbers.
  4. INDYKPOL stores cookies on the Users’ computers in order to:
    1. maintain a given User’s session (after login), thanks to which the user is not required to enter his or her login and password on every sub-page
    2. adjust the functionalities to better match the needs of the users;
    3. gather page statistics;
    4. present internet ads, matching the interests of the User;
    5. create internet questionnaires and to secure them against placing multiple votes by the same person.
  5. The User may, at his or her discretion, turn off the cookie functionality, which may however result in impediment or even inability to utilize certain features of the web portal. At the same time, we are not liable for cookie files created by other web pages and accessible to the Users by following web links placed on the websites.
  6. The portal, apart the cookie files, collects the IP addresses of the users, established on basis of access logs. Similar to cookies, these addresses are used mostly for statistical purposes and to increase the functionality of the portal. IP addresses may be disclosed to legal entities in accordance to Art. 15 of Act on Electronic Services, dated July 18, 2002 (Journal of Laws: Dz. U. No 144, item. 1204).


  1. provides no space for content that does not adhere to the provisions of the Polish and international law, that advocate segregation due to race, religion, ethnicity, for content of pornographic, unethical or amoral character.
  2. The Users are prohibited from posting any content (works) such as photos, graphic works, texts, video materials or any other materials that are in breach of law or accepted social norms including, without being limited to content that:
    1. is generally considered vulgar or disrespectful,
    2. contains nudity, pornography, erotica or other obscene elements,
    3. offends the feelings of other persons, including religious feelings,
    4. present violence or materials of racist character,
    5. is in breach of the privacy laws,
    6. contains copyrighted material without the author’s consent
    7. promote, advocate or offer instruction on illegal activities, in specificity relating to: hacking, cracking, phreaking; containing software, information or other materials with viruses, “trojan horses”, electronic “bugs” or any other harmful or destructive elements
    8. is generally considered to be SPAM (including spamming with singular words or significant numbers of empty lines, opening several identical forum topics)
    9. containing ads for goods, services, commercial web portals as well as other elements considered competitive or harmful to
  4. INDYKPOL reserves that the content published by the Users may not contain ads for other companies nor elements infringing on the rights or interests of INDYKPOL. The above-mentioned content may be immediately changed or removed by INDYKPOL.
  5. Users who fail to adhere to the Rules and norms may be removed from the portal by blocking or deleting a given User’s profile.
  6. INDYKPOL reserves right to immediately and without prior notice or explanation remove content or works posted by the Users on the portal in case of recognition that the said content or works are in breach of rights of third parties or are in breach of these Rules. If a given User is in breach of rights of third parties, INDYKPOL may provide all information on a given User to proper legal entities in relation to proceedings they may undertake.
  7. All works and content created by the Users and in breach with the above will be removed after notifying the Moderator of the Portal by email or using a proper form. The Moderator is not limited as to the amount of time he or she needs to verify and delete content posted by a User.
  8. INDYKPOL is in no way liable for content posted by the Users nor does it bear any liability for unauthorized use of content posted on the Portal by third parties. All liability is held by the User.
  9. Furthermore, INDYKPOL is not liable for, in specificity:
    1. any possible losses incurred due to the content posted by the Users or due to use of the Portal by the Users,
    2. any losses that could result from improper functioning of the portal or its temporary unavailability,
    3. any losses resulting from obtaining the password of a User by third parties,
    4. any results of obtaining information from the Portal,
    5. any breach by the Users of copyright or personal rights or personal rights of third persons.
  11. INDYKPOL reserves right to:
    1. change the features of the Portal at any time,
    2. temporarily suspend features of the Portal,
    3. permanently suspend the Portal without archiving the content posted by the Users,
    4. immediate and irrevocable deletion of any and all content (e.g. photos, text or links) without prior notice or explanation given to the User in case of breach of Rules. If a given User is in breach of rights of third parties, INDYKPOL may provide all information on a given User to proper legal entities in relation to proceedings they may undertake.
  13. Every contest, promotion or special offer for the registered Users shall be regulated by separate Rules.


The portal allows for placing of links that allow Users to directly visit other websites. INDYKPOL is not liable nor responsible for the Rules and Privacy Policy used by the owners of those other websites nor for their content.


  1. Using of works, information or data posted on does not confer the right to said works, information or data to the Users who use them. The User may only utilize such works within the scope permitted by the Act on Copyright and Related Rights, dated February 4, 1994 (Journal of Laws: Dz. U. No 24, Item. 83 with subsequent changes).
  2. In specificity, apart cases detailed in the law, it is forbidden to co copy works or their parts as well as their public dissemination except cases directly indicated in the law in force.
  3. Data and information presented on the are published for, among other, information purposes. INDYKPOL Polska is not liable for any data errors or invalid information presented on the as well as for the content and form of announcements and ads as well as any and all content created by the Users of the portal.
  4. The User states, that he or she has all rights, including in specificity copyright to all materials/works sent to INDYKPOL, and in specificity to photos, texts and video (especially in relation to content posted by the Users at their own discretion on webpages of Furthermore, the User states that the above-mentioned works are free of legal faults and do not breach any rights of third parties nor other entities.
  5. The User is obliged to pay all amounts due to authors and/or performers or collective management organizations dealing with copyright or related rights or other similar organizations, stemming from posting materials/works on the Portal in case when such amounts are due.
  6. The User authorizes INDYKPOL to introduce changes to the above-mentioned works, in specificity such as: adding titles and subtitles, abbreviations, technical adjustments as well as stylistic and grammatical changes.
  7. The User hereby authorizes INDYKPOL to utilize the above-mentioned Works free of charge in specificity by their publication on the websites and other promotional materials of INDYKPOL and to the Works being stored, copied and published within materials published by INDYKPOL and to be put into circulation, computer memory, airing via voice or video transmissions, satellite transmissions, etc. Furthermore, the User authorizes INDYKPOL to utilize the Works for promotional and advertising purposes.
  8. The User states that he or she owns consent of all persons visible on the above-mentioned photos/videos and on basis of this authorizes INDYKPOL to utilize the Works in the manner described above.
  9. By posting content, i.e. making Works available through the Portal, Users consent to the Works being used by the remaining Users for personal purposes. INDYKPOL reserves right to copy and disseminate these Works in any way.
  10. If the statements detailed above prove untrue or irreconcilable with the facts or the legal situation, the User shall, in case of possible claims of third persons, shall bear total and sole responsibility.


The aim of the Community is to enable Users to create and maintain contacts with other Users and to enable communication between Users and the Indykpol company.

  1. The entirety of activity of the Community is realized via the portal.
  2. The Community is available to the users of the portal:

as far as the ability to view the Community’s content for all Users of the Portal, except for some content limited by the users themselves (accessible only for registered users) using the tools made available from INDYKPOL to the Users.

within the scope of adding and editing content for registered Users, except for certain elements of the Portal not covered by this obligation.

  1. By registering with the Portal, the User gains the right to utilize all elements of the Community (including commenting under articles and recipes).
  2. Only the following persons may participate in contests organized on the webpages of the Portal:
    1. adults
    2. minors may participate with their parents/guardians consent

How to become member of the Community

  1. To register for the Community the Users should:
  2. Fill-out in a complete and truthful manner the first part of the registration form and confirm the registration after receiving an email message from

and, as per User’s discretion:

  1. Fill-out the remaining fields in the second part of the form (non-obligatory).
  2. By filling out and sending the registration form, the User:
    1. provides his or her Personal Data voluntarily.
    2. accepts all provisions of these Rules,
    3. states that he or she understood this information and expresses consent to collection and processing of his or her Personal Data by Indykpol S.A in order for the Indykpol S.A to fulfill its obligations as the organizer of the Portal.
    4. states that he or she has understood this information and expresses consent to collection and processing of his or her Personal Data by Indykpol S.A in relation to providing information on products, services and providing information on image-related activities.
    5. confirms the authenticity of the data provided in the registration form.
    1. By filling-out and sending the registration form by email, the User also expresses consent to processing of data (including Personal Data) included in the whole registration form by INDYKPOL S.A. The Controller of the above-mentioned Personal Data shall be INDYKPOL S.A,  Jesienna 3 • 10-370 OLSZTYN, POLAND The data will be processed for marketing purposes. The User also expresses consent to receiving trade offers and correspondence via email. Every User shall also be informed about his or her right to view and update the Personal Data as well as of his or her right to have the data removed and no longer be processed, in the email that confirms the registration.
    2. In specificity, the User shall receive:
    1. information on
    2. information on the offer and products of INDYKPOL
    3. information on special events organized by INDYKPOL
    4. information on contests and promotions organized by INDYKPOL
  5. Every User may view and modify his or her Personal Data and has right to have his or her data deleted in case he or she resigns from participation in the Community.
  6. The User may also resign from the Community at any time and at the same time request that his or her data be deleted and no longer processed by INDYKPOL. To exercise the above-mentioned right, the User is required to send to via email a request to resign from participation with a request for deletion of data and for stopping of processing of data by INDYKPOL from the active email address that is assigned in the Portal to a given User. Sending of such a request will mean deletion of User’s data from the database of the Portal
    in a period no longer than 30 days. Deletion of User’s data from the Portal does not result in deletion of content generated by that user on the Portal.
  7. Processing and protection of Personal Data shall be realized on basis of the Act on Personal Data Protection, dated April 29, 1997 (Journal of Laws: Dz. U. 02.101.926) and of the Act on Provision of Services by Electronic Means, dated July 18, 2002 (Journal of Laws: Dz. U. 02.144.1204).


  1. A given User may only hold 1 account on the portal.
  2. It is forbidden to disclose one’s password to third parties.
  3. User Accounts that have been inactive for more than 6 months since the last log in may be removed without prior notice.
  4. If a User is discovered to be in breach of these Rules, the Account of such a User may be blocked (temporarily or permanently).
  5. After a given account has been deleted there will be no possibility of recreating that account.
  6. Only the User is authorized to use the Account, it is forbidden to register an Account that will be used by more than one person.
  7. Every new account needs to be activated, which means receiving an email sent to the email address of the User and following instructions given in the said email.
  8. INDYKPOL is authorized to block or remove a User Account without the need to provide justification or the need to inform the User of that fact.

Point System

  1. The Users are automatically credited with points for their activity in the Community. In specificity, points shall be awarded for:
  2. posting photos, movies (1 point per photo/movie)
  3. adding recipes (1 point per recipe)
  4. for commenting on recipes (1 point per recipe)
    1. A given User will only collect points if logged-in. A User may receive additional Points and/or prizes from for exceptional involvement in creating the Community. If activity of a given User breaches the provisions of these Rules, all Points collected by such a user may be revoked.
    2. The current number of points of every User will be published on webpages of
    3. INDYKPOL reserves right to award Users on basis of their activity, for most interesting content and for involvement in creation of the Portal’s content
      within a given activity and also for general activity (at Indykpol’s discretion). Selection of Users to receive points and/or prizes if fully at INDYKPOL’s discretion.



The User remains responsible for the Works he or she posts in the User’s Profile, it is the User who is responsible and obliged to delete content that is in breach of the Rules.

The User undertakes to respect the netiquette.

1. Do not spam - this includes creation of numerous posts containing only single word or numerous empty lines, starting multiple identical forum threads
2. Do not post “adult” material - this includes, among others, pornographic links or materials or graphical depictions of death or violence. You should remember that we are visited by Users of all ages - remember that when you create your posts.
3. It is forbidden to disseminate private correspondence without its author’s consent.
4. Avoid hateful comments and obscenities. Moderators shall watch Users who use vulgarities or try to cheat the automatic-censor.
5. Discussions on illegal software, links to website containing illegal software are forbidden, as are discussions related to drug use, hacking and other illegal activities.

6. Comments must be free of harassment or hate speech. Please exercise high personal culture when commenting, respect other participants of discussion when discussing political, religious or ethical issues.

7. Do not heat the atmosphere - this relates to personal attacks against others: ridiculing, scorning, harassing, etc. Such comments or topics will be deleted or locked immediately by the moderators.

9. It is forbidden to register under multiple User names and claiming to be many Users at once. A person caught impersonating multiple Users will be banned.

10. Try to comment proper recipe categories. The Moderators shall move comments that they find inadequate.

11. Avoid WRITING IN CAPITALS - this means that you are shouting.

12. All comments that are aimed at criticizing or questioning the actions of the Moderator will be immediately deleted. If you have a question or a complaint concerning activities of the Moderator please send an email or a private message to that Moderator or the Administrator.

13. Forum Administrators reserve right to change or amend these Rules are required.

14. In all cases the decision of the Administrator is final.

15. In cases that are not covered by provisions of this paragraph, common sense shall prevail.

INDYKPOL reserves right to change these Rules.

Changes To The Privacy Policy And Rules Of Use Of
Continuous development of the internet technology, changes in the legal landscape of Personal Data protection and development of the Portal may result in changes to these Rules and Privacy Policy of All changes will be immediately notified to the Users via the Portal. The changes shall come into force at the moment of publication of the new version of the Rules on If a User continues to use the portal after a changed version of the Rules or the Privacy Policy has been published, this continued use shall constitute consent to the rules changed and does not require separate consent from the User.

In case of User questions related to privacy protection, terms of use of, the Rules or the possibility of contacting us, please send your comments to:

indykpol //


This Privacy Policy And Rules Of Use Of enter into force on the day they are published on