Caring for animal well-being

When we speak of well-being we mean the animal is healthy, feels good and does not suffer. At Indykpol, we attach the utmost priority to high standards of animal husbandry. For us the most important thing is animal well-being, and their humane treatment at each production stage.

Indykpol is a vertically integrated organisation (it has its own hatcheries, feed production, farms and processing plant), and thus controls the production process from an egg to the final product. Indykpol makes every effort to ensure that the animals’ well-being is the most important element at each stage of breeding, feeding, as well as during transport and slaughtering. In practice, this means observing the restrictive regulations and introducing all of the applicable norms in the field of correct animal treatment and ensuring their well-being.



An independent confirmation of the care for animal well-being is the QS Certificate held by Indykpol (Qualität und Sicherheit – quality and reliability ‘from the field to the store shelf’).

This certificate confirms that the entities associated in the Indykpol Capital Group meet the restrictive standards in the field of animal well-being care at every breeding and husbandry stage (the certification covers the reproduction flocks as well as the hatchery, feed production plant and Indykpol’s own farms).







A series of process procedures that determine the correct course of breeding and raising are in place on the farms, as well as restrictive biological and health protection principles, all of this to ensure the maximum health of the animals. The high breeding standards place Indykpol in the position of global leader in the number of hatching egg yield from female turkeys from reproduction flocks. Good well-being of female turkeys - both in physical and psychological terms - translates into the quantity and quality of their eggs.




Everyone working with birds, at each production stage, has been trained in the field of animal well-being principles and regulations, and instructed on the disciplinary criminal liability for their non-compliance.

Employees at each breeding and maintenance stage are liable for notifying of any animal well-being violations to the relevant internal services.





With full determination and involvement, Indykpol has introduced and promotes the ethical treatment of animals.