The Turkey Breeding Center (OHI) in Frednowy, subsidiary of INDYKPOL S.A., is one of the largest producer of turkey poults in Poland, established in 1978. Every year, the OHI provides about 6 million poults for contract farmers of INDYKPOL S.A, own farms of the company, the free market and also for European clients. The poults come from the company’s own parent flocks.

The Frednowy OHI is continuously developing its breeding methods and modernizing its production base. In order to ensure quality poults, we place special attention to health and sanitary safety.

The OHI Frednowy also cooperates with the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn in order to ensure high quality of turkey poults and to keep up with the changes in breeding.

Parent Flocks

Close cooperation with the leading producers of parent flocks, as well as over 30 years of experience, ensures that OHI Frednowy maintains the cutting-edge level of production of Big 6, Big 7 and HXL poults. OHI Frednowy maintains 6 production rearing farms and 6 laying farms with total area of about 45 000 m2.

The parent farms are covered with the HACCP system and subject to a strict biosecurity program.


As the quality requirements for turkey poults are always growing, the OHI’s hatchery is continuously extended and modernized; it is fitted with the state-of-the-art PETERSIME equipment. Modern equipment and facilities, perfected breeding methods, sanitary and veterinary systems, qualified and experienced staff of technicians and veterinarians as well as the quality-focused policy of the Company, make it possible to provide poults of the highest quality.

Poults from the Turkey Breeding Center in Frednowy are purchased by Polish and foreign clients


In order to ensure proper process hygiene, OHI Frednowy has implemented a biosecurity system that covers all activities and served as a basis for implementation of the HACCP system.

Biosecurity means a set of practical rules that minimize the risk of exposing the flocks to harmful pathogens.

The integral parts of the program are, among others:

  • regular testing of employees for Salmonella,
  • strictly enforced ban on employees holding: pigs, and birds (farmed, decorative and exotic),
  • strict sanitary system with division into a clean and dirty zones, including showers and full change of clothing (including underwear) when entering and exiting the farm
  • limited movement of people and equipment, including feed delivery system that does not require vehicles entering the farm.

Another security measure is using biologically safe feed and litter as well as utilization of specialist disinfection and pest control programs on the farms.

By following the biosecurity rules, our production is disease-free and is one of the factors for our further success.


Dear Sirs and Madams,

In order to facilitate ordering turkey poults from OHI Frednowy, please fill-in the below form and emailing it, or sending it to the following fax number +48 (89)6338901 or to the following address:

I N D Y K P O L  S.A.

ul. Jesienna 3 • 10-370 OLSZTYN, POLAND

Phone +48 (0-89) 5 262 222 • Fax +48 (0-89) 5 262223

Turkey Breeding Center )OHI) in Frednowy

Frednowy 77 B, 14-200 Iława, Poland

We ask you to follow the 10-week period before placement of turkey poults and we would like to inform you that in case your order cannot be realized, you will be informed immediately.

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