Turkeys Farmers

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To keep our customers safe, Indykpol S.A cooperates with chicken and turkey farmers on basis of multi-annual contract agreements.

The key terms and conditions of the agreement:
  1. Poults:
  • Poults of highest quality
  • Payment rules convenient to the farmer
  • Ability to order poults for the whole year, according to an agreed placement timetable
  1. Feed:
  • Cooperation with the Nutripol feed mill in Olsztynek
  • Expert advice on feeding poultry
  1. Production financing
  • Help in production growth by advantageous leasing offer for equipment
  • Ability to credit the poults
  • Guaranteed 28-day payment period for the livestock
  • Advice on costs and equipment for new production facilities for slaughter poultry
  • Guaranteed livestock price (turkey)
  1. Poultry receiver
  • The dates and hours that the birds are collected is always in accordance with the agreement signed and is realized in a way that takes into consideration the production cycle and the needs of the farmer.
  1. Additionally:
  • We provide around-the-clock veterinary and technical support.
  • We organize training and integrational meetings for our farmers

We would encourage you to start a cooperation with Indykpol S.A. We believe that joint business will be beneficial to your company and will be a great source of satisfaction and content. We know, that by starting a cooperation with us, you will gain a responsible and reliable business partners.