Indykpol is an old, renowned producer of tasty turkey products of the highest quality. Rigorous European standards, own closed farms and strict control of all production stages results in a 100% guarantee of safety of our products. It means that our clients can be certain that they buy healthy food for themselves and their families.

Indykpol is synonymous with values such as:

  • safety - as the company is under continuous supervision of the veterinary services and is covered by the HACCP and ISO 9000 systems.
  • modernity - as we use state-of-the-art technologies
  • everyday closeness to our customers - as our product offer is highly diversified, we are a perfect fit to varied needs and tastes of our customers.


Indykpol’s products are characterized by unforgettable great taste as they are produced of the highest-quality resources according to verified and carefully developed procedures.

We offer the full range of turkey products, starting with meats, through noble hams and smoked products, to the beloved sausages, hot-dogs and pates. Products of Indykpol enjoy universal popularity thanks to their great taste and affordability.

Benefits Of Cooperation

Some of the benefits stemming from cooperation with Indykpol S.A. are:

  • High quality of our products
  • innovative packaging (“jedynki” hot-dog sausages, “jedynak” kabanos sausages)
  • Attractive prices
  • Extensive network of distribution centers.
  • Availability of goods
  • Speed and Convenience for you

Our primary task is to receive phone orders from wholesalers and retailers from all over Poland. By actively approaching the customer (telephone calls) we strive to provide professional service to our customers and to meet their need in relation to information on the company and its products. We maintain continuous phone contact with our customers, collecting orders and providing advice and information on all our marketing and promotional activities.

Our consultants await you calls at the following telephone numbers:

  • +48 089 526 21 03
  • +48 089 526 21 05
  • +48 089 526 21 11
  • +48 089 526 21 86

Indykpol specializes in production of meat and meat products of turkeys and chickens. Products of Indykpol are specialized by high content of easily digestible protein, low fat content, low calories and cholesterol and high content of B vitamins. Thanks to its nutritional benefits, turkey products are recommended in cholesterol prophylaxis for older people, convalescents and for children. Our offer includes hams and smoked products - the most precious products, sausages, roasts and pates, popular sandwich sausages, hot-dogs and other culinary products.

Indykpol’s products can be purchased in store all over the country, their availability ensured by a dedicated network of trade representatives. Availability of the Company’s products on the store shelves all across the country is guaranteed by an effective distribution system. We have 7 distribution centers, covering the whole country and ensuring that our products will quickly the stores quickly.