Caring about our environment

At Indykpol, we know the importance of the environment in which we live. We care about it and continue to reduce the emission of pollutants into the air and water. For years we have been using technological solutions that enable us to obtain energy for production purposes from renewable sources, reducing the costs of heat energy and post-production waste management.

Olsztyn Plant

The slaughter and processing plant of Indykpol S.A. in Olsztynie is located on the city’s outskirts, and within a radius of 2 km from the plant there are no facilities or forms of nature conservation.

The operation of the Olsztyn plant is not a burden on nature in its surroundings.

Our own boiler house is the source of the heat energy used for production purposes at the slaughter and processing plant, as well as for heating purposes. We do not use heat energy from external sources.

Since 2009, the heat energy has been produced at the plant’s boiler house through feather pyrolysis. It is an innovative technology that enables the heat from coal combustion to be replaced by energy obtained from feathers. The system is able to utilize 17,500 tonnes of feathers per year. The heat obtained in this process is employed in the production processes at the Olsztyn plant, as well as for heating purposes. The investment has been carried out while maintaining the natural balance to ensure a positive impact on the environment. The boiler house has also been equipped with devices that enable continuous measurement of pollutants. The new installation has been equipped with a new, integrated dust extraction and flue gas treatment system, particularly for sulphur and chlorine compounds. As a result, the stream of waste from the process has been reduced by 87%.

For over ten years, Indykpol has been using a heat recovery system from the cooling installation, i.e. a heat pump with a series of heat exchangers, which enables the heating of all hot water used by the production plant to 55°C. This water is used for process, plant cleaning and social purposes. Heat recovery from the cooling installation constitutes close to 30% of the whole heat energy used at the Plant. The basic effect of the investment is the reduction of fuel usage in the boiler house, thus reducing the gas and dust emissions, as well as energy consumption by the ammonia condensers (reduced electricity usage stems from the reduced condenser load; a portion of the ammonia vapours is directed to a heat exchanger, where heat is recovered).

The Olsztyn Plant does not obtain heat energy from coal (a non-eco-friendly fuel).

The Plant in Olsztyn is equipped with a wastewater pretreatment plant, which significantly improves the parameters of the post-production wastewater eventually passed to the ‘Łyna’ municipal wastewater treatment plant in Olsztyn.

For many years, Indykpol has been implementing a planned policy of reducing the plant’s energy consumption. One such projects is the replacement of tube lights with LED lights (still in progress, the replacement level is 60% currently).


Indykpol S.A. is the owner or tenant of 25 farm facilities with a total surface area of 168,000 m2, where 11 farms are used to produce turkey livestock and 14 for hatching production.

The farm facilities do not cause environmental loss; emissions from the farms do not leave their area = concentrations of pollutants around the farms are as if these farms were not there :)

Pro-environmental activities in the field of air protection:

  • Use of products reducing ammonia emissions to the environment, preventing the transformation of urea into ammonia.
  • Application of suitable litter reducing dust emissions.
  • After the breeding cycle is completed, the manure is immediately collected so that it is not stored on the farm's premises, and therefore no emissions to the environment occur.

The lighting has been replaced with LED lamps on all farms. Tube lighting with a dimming option has been installed on the farm in Trękusk, which also translates into reduced energy consumption.