Public Offering of Shares

Currently, Indykpol S.A. is not issuing shares nor does it offer subscription for shares.

In 1994 Indykpol S.A. has made a public offer of 900 000 ordinary bearer shares with nominal value of 5.00 PLN per share and issue price of 6.5 PLN per share.  On 14 Feb 1994 the shareholders adopted a Resolution to increase the share capital by 4.5 million PLN, to 15.65 million PLN through an issue of 900 000 shares. The issue of shares series BB was made via a public subscription and was connected with introduction of Indykpol’s shares to stock exchange trading.

Apr 21, 1994 The Polish Securities Commission (KPW) approved introduction of 900 000 shares of series BB to stock exchange trading. On Jun 30, the subscription of series BB was closed, all shares were taken up and paid for. On Aug 8, 1994, the District Court in Olsztyn registered the increase in the share Capital. On Sep 12, 1994 the Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange introduced the series BB shares of INDYKPOL S.A. to be traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. From 12 October the shares of the company are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

In 1995 the Company has introduced into public trading 2 2 224 500 shares of the funding series (series AA). On 24 Apr 1995 the General Meeting of Shareholders has decided on introduction of the founding series shares to public trading. On Sep 29, 1996, the Polish Securities Commission (KPW) approved public trading of these shares and on Feb 14, 1996, the Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange approved exchange trading of the hares.